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Honda HR-V Yang Terlaris

Dipublish pada 22 Desember 2015 | Dilihat sebanyak 685 kali | Kategori: HONDA HR-V

Honda HR-V Yang Terlaris

Honda HR-V is the best-selling class. Honda for 2015 seems to be experiencing a harvest. How not many Honda products have achieved the highest sales in 2015. Honda Car Products achieved the highest sales in its class. Honda really has implemented an accurate marketing strategy to be able to achieve the best sales. For each of the products in their respective classes. One of the Honda products that won the highest sales in its class was the Honda HR-V, the Honda HRV Bogor Car.

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Honda HRV Bogor

Honda HR-V won the highest sales for the LSUV class with a 1500 cc engine. Strong demand for Honda products continued to provide positive results for Honda’s sales this year. In October 2015, Honda again achieved an increase in sales with a total of 14,609 units. Penjualan Honda HR-V is increased when compared with the previous month which recorded sales of 14 355 units. Sales revenue of 14,609 units in October. Honda has achieved total sales of 132,458 units throughout 2015 with a market share of 15.5%. Honda car hrv bogor, credit honda hrv bogor bogor.

Credit Honda HRV Bogor

Honda HR-V is the best-selling class.  Not only in total sales. Some Honda products also continue to record the highest sales in their respective class segments. Honda HR-V is again the LSUV with the highest sales in Indonesia. Since its launch in January 2015, the Honda HR-V 1.5 L has recorded total sales of 24,732 units, with a market share of 41%, which is the largest in its class.

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New Honda Brio achievement

In October 2015 alone, sales of Honda HR-V 1.5 L were recorded at 2,203 units. While the Honda HR-V 1.8 L in the SUV segment recorded sales of 1,033 units in October. With total sales of 6,796 units and a market share of 14%.

Honda HR-V is the best-selling in its class , there are still a number of other Honda cars that also consistently record the best sales on a monthly basis, the New Honda Brio . Recording sales of 845 units in October, total sales of  New Honda Brio  this year reached 9,102 units and led sales in the City Car segment. At present Honda has a market share of 30%.

Sales of Honda Mobilio Increase

While Honda Brio Satya recorded an increase in sales from 2,983 units in September to 3,330 units in October 2015. With total sales this year amounting to 24,917 units and 19% market share in the LCGC car segment .

Sales of the Honda CR-V

Honda HR-V , the best- selling in its class. Honda Mobilio recorded sales of 4,780 units, an increase from sales in the previous month with 3,970 units with total sales of 37,279 units and a market share of 17% in the LMPV segment. Honda Jazz  sold 1,492 units in October, with total sales this year of 14,129 units and a market share of 39% in the Hatchback segment.

The Best Selling Honda HR-V 2015

The best selling Honda HR-V in its class, the  Honda CR-V sold 719 units in October. With total sales of 8,912 throughout 2015 and a market share of 18% in the SUV segment. Honda Freed sold 120 units in October and recorded total sales of 3,045 units throughout 2015 with a market share of 7% in the MPV segment. Honda Odyssey in the Upper MPV segment sold 33 units with total sales of 333 units throughout 2015 with a market share of 5%.

Honda City Sales

Honda HR-V is the best- selling class, Honda City in the Mini Sedan segment recorded sales of 4 units in October with total sales of 1,743 units throughout 2015 and led sales with a market share of 58%. 

Honda Civic Sales

The Honda HR-V is the best- selling class, the  Honda Civic sold 37 units in October. With total sales of 820 units throughout 2015 with a market share of 42% in the Small Sedan segment. While in the Sports segment ,  Honda CR-Z recorded sales of 13 units in October with total sales of 139 units throughout 2015 and led sales with a market share of 53%, the  price of Honda Honda HR Bogor , Honda HRV Bogor Bogor Honda Bogor

Honda HR-V Ready at Honda Bogor

Honda HR-V is the best-selling in its class. For prospective customers who want to order a Honda HR-V do not need to be confused to be able to order a Honda HR-V car now. Honda Mandiri Bogor or often also called Honda Bogor has made an open indent to prospective customers . The trick is to contact the Honda Mandiri Bogor sales , Mr / Ms simply pay the sign money or booking fee of 5 (five) million rupiah for your proof of order. At the time Mr / Ms had made an order then Mr / Ms had entered the waiting list to get the Honda HR-Vnew Honda HRV Bogor 2016, HRV Honda Sholeh Iskandar

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Address of Honda Mandiri Bogor

Honda Mandiri Bogor having its address at Jalan Pajajaran No. 27 Bogor, Bogor City, West Java, 16143. For Honda Mandiri Bogor service serviceshave added one more special workshop to service services on the Bina Marga I No. street. 15, Bogor, if accessed via the Jakarta – Bogor highway toll road, exit at Bogor Main Toll Road, take the direction of Baranangsiang terminal, after finding a red light take the direction to the left approximately 150 meters to the left of the road.

Honda Mandiri Bogor  has a lot of supporting facilities for standard Honda services  , equipped with a comfortable and spacious exhibition display room, a large parking lot, wi-fi facilities, play ground area for children and  professional Honda sales services  . If you want a professional Honda Bogor Sales  service,   you can contact:


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